Saturday, 4 January 2014

Oh, Danny Boy, the internet, the internet is a-callin'

Somewhere on the south coast lives a boy who doesn't have an online presence... 

We haven't had the chance to thank Daniel Kempson for all the work he did for us last year. Without his soundtracks our videos would be really quiet. He's constantly surprising us with his work, and without sounding like a recommendation, he has been spot on every time.
He brought sound to both of our Shoreditch fashion videos, both of our exhibition videos, our short film 'A Mug's Life', and some other smaller projects along the way. 
We're trying to convince him to let us release a 2013 Tuff Yak's greatest hits, but we've got to get him to sign the rights away first. It's all a bit of a scam, but don't tell him that.  


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