Thursday, 16 January 2014

A hint of Rum & a slice of inspiraTion. (A.R.T)

It's been a while since I've had a rummage for a new Artist and I thought that with the New Year starting, I needed a fresh slice of inspiration (with a hint of Rum).

So I did that.

Anthony Gerace

He's a fantastic multidisciplinary working in photography, collage & graphic design.

It was really refreshing stumbling across his very humble approach to photography and his eye for recognising moments so well lent to photography. 

The work that caught my eye though, was his collage series There Must Be More To Life Than This.
He has the wonderful ability to isolate his subject, throughout different mediums, on an intimate level, which makes his work extremely powerful. I am also quite bias because of the Wild Nothing gig poster (who is a not too recent discovery of mine thanks to Jake) that he has designed.

Here's his site:

Here's a Wild Nothing track for you to listen to whilst you do it.


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